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Select Screen - Innindra by Silverhyren Select Screen - Innindra by Silverhyren
My entry for the art contest at [link]
This time the contest theme is "Weapons and Warriors" and we had to use some generator from the site to create descriptions for what we should do.

Innindra is a crazed jester from a faraway nation travelling the world after the strongest oponents she can fight.
As a half-kitsune, she was born with fox ears instead of normal human ears, and only one small tail.

It is said only kitsunes can go to the "Fox Heaven" a mystical paradise where foxes and nine-tailed kitsunes go when they die, or even when reach a high level of power.

Unconformed by this fate, she wished to have power to earn new tails and have her ninth tail, a very difficult task to purebreeds, and almost impossible to halfbreeds.
Even so, she wished to fight and defeat powerful foes, but was physically weak. She then praticed to enhance her natural agility and became a rather good fighter, travelling the world after adventures.

Then, after a fateful quest, she stole the prototype mechanical glove codenamed [Powergrabber] from a powerful corporation. The [Powergrabber] used Gem-Force, a typical kind of energy radiated from magical gemstones.

With her new weapon, Innindra had the power she always dreamed of, and used it to wield enormous magical weapons she found in her journeys.
After some time she developed a special taste for axes, weapons that screamed "POWER" mor than other average weapons, like swords.

But due to the perpetual irradiantion from gem-force her mind became affected and part of her sanity was lost. Now she lives in a chaotic crusade in search for power to be able to reach the fox heaven.
Right now, she has eight tails, and can only temporally manifest the ninth. She must now achieve a feat bigger than anything she ever did until now.
The description I got for the character was:
"The seasoned female half-Kitsune Jester coping with a mental illness. She has a leggy build. Her non-human ancestry isn't obvious, but she has some odd traits hinting at her parentage."

The Weapon I rolled with the weapon generator was called "Powergrabber" and I found myself inspired with the image of a massive glove that granted power to grab other massive stuff and deliver powerful strikes by itself.

I went a little outside the box by using the Magic item generator from the site to get a good massive melee weapon with special abilities for her.
Then I got "Demonic Chameleon's Axe of Slime". Thats very promising, no?

Her higher resolution version without an eye gouging background here -> [link]
ShiChel Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
AEE conseguiu terminar! \o/
adorei como ficou *O* a luva ficou muito foda!
eu só acho que fundo acabou ficando muito chamativo, e acaba atraindo mais atenção que o desenho em si e tals, acho que deveria ser um pouco mais escuro,por uma harmonia mesmo.
daemonis Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, you went in berserker mode in the last day... you finished it so quickly ><
Awesome painting!
I want to see the other selectable characters!!!
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July 30, 2011
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